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St Clair High School - Recent events Q & A sheet

What happened?

In the early hours of Sunday morning the school was extensively damaged as a result of a fire. Almost all of E Block been damaged or destroyed. Specifically, Maths, English, HSIE, LOTE, the Library, Teaching and Learning, CS1, CS2, The AV Room, Careers, Welfare, the Senior Study and the Canteen have been affected. Reports that the Science block was affected are incorrect. All other areas of the school remain intact.


What caused the fire?
At this stage the cause of the fire is unknown. There is nothing at this time that would indicate that the fire was deliberately lit.


What is being done?
Staff will be working through the holidays to ensure that we have put in place all of the measures necessary to enable learning to continue without interruption.


When will Term 3 start?
Year 11 and 12 students will commence school on Tuesday the 15th July. The day will begin with an assembly whereby all students will receive the most up to date information. A representative from the Board of Studies will be in attendance to answer any specific questions or concerns. Year 12 will remain a priority and we will endeavour to make their path through the HSC as smooth as possible. Students in Years 7-10 will commence school on Wednesday 16th July with an assembly in the hall for 7-8 at 8:30am and for years 9-10 at 9:30am.


Where will classes be taught?
Rooming for many classes will change, however all classes will take place. Demountables have been ordered and will be used for both senior and junior classes. A new timetable will be issued on day 1 to let students know of any changes.


How long will the rebuilding take?
Reconstruction will take a long time. We have been advised it could take up to 2 years for all works to be completed in full.


What happened to the things in student lockers?
We understand that some students have lost notes and resources as have many staff. Student lockers in the senior study were destroyed and the lockers outside room 9 were also damaged. We do not anticipate that anything from the lockers will be salvageable.


What should we do to get through this?
There will be challenges over the coming months; however, we know that together we can overcome these challenges. Support services are available for those who need them and can be accessed through Year Advisors. It will be important for students to focus on their studies as much as possible over the coming months. The St Clair community is renowned for its resilience and strong connections. While this event is distressing, we know that together we will overcome all the challenges that lay ahead.


What can I do to help?
Many people have asked how they can help. We would appreciate as many positive posts on social media as possible, especially the school Facebook page, to ensure a positive message is spread throughout the community. Once we have a better idea of what has survived the fire we might let you know how else you can help.


In the medium term there will be many fundraising activities planned to help us replace the school resources that have been lost.


How can I stay up to date on what is happening?
We will continue to update you via our school website, Facebook and Phone App in the weeks ahead. It is important for you to use these resources to keep up to date with matters as they progress.