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School Photos 2017

St Clair School Photos for 2017 will be on Friday 3rd March.

Students will receive an envelope prior to this date. The envelope is to be completed with the student's details and the correct payment included or credit card details filled out. This must be handed to the photographers on the day. (No payment will be received after this date by the school). Every student will also need an additional two dollars to purchase their 2017 St Clair High School student identification card. This is used for various procedures around the school e.g. Library borrowing, signing in, toilet pass etc. This will be collected in Science for students in Years 7-10 prior to the school photo day. Year 11 and 12 is to be handed in separately to Mrs Ralph in Science Faculty prior to day.


A catch up half day is scheduled for Wednesday 8th March but students need to contact Mrs Ralph to be scheduled in for their photos on this day.


Students must wear full school uniform on this day.

Students are not permitted to wear:


  • Any large earrings or necklaces. Facial piercings need to be removed before the photo is taken.
  • Identification badges, colours or logos, other than the St Clair High School official logo/crest.
  • Any brightly coloured tops or tops with logos under their official school uniform.
  • Hats or head covers during the photos, except for religious or cultural reasons.


Any student not willing to comply with the above conditions will not be allowed to have photos taken on the day.


If family photos are required please contact Mrs Ralph for a separate Order Envelope.

For further details or enquiries please contact Mrs Ralph in the Science department