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Mrs Julie Tegart

 Principal Address:

St Clair High School is the outstanding choice for every parent in our area of Western Sydney. We are committed to providing students with a diverse curriculum and range of opportunities to maximise learning. We take pride in our academic achievements from university entrance to apprenticeships.  We take pride in the performance of our students in a wide range of extracurricular activities from sport to performance to achievement in academic competitions.  We take pride in our inclusiveness and our commitment to the wellbeing of students.  We take pride in our connection to our community and the way we work together to ensure our students achieve the best outcomes they can.

As the newly appointed Principal I am excited by the commitment, professionalism and collaboration pursued with vigour by all members of our school community. St Clair High School is committed to providing an environment that is both nurturing and academically rigorous. Our vision is clear and purposeful where success is valued for ‘every student in every classroom’. Aspiration is the norm and a culture of high expectations for student engagement and learning is the focus.

Our newly established Innovation Centre is a key focus of our learning environment, including 16 new teaching spaces, a research area, lecture hall, a learning common and commercial kitchen and café coupled with outstanding external facilities including a tiered outdoor learning area. The school is well positioned to offer future-focused learning within collaborative and flexible learning spaces ensuring students have access to state of the art facilities to promote engagement and success.

As a school community, we strive to produce successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

St Clair High School is proud of its highly supportive parent group and community. Our P & C team are active and focused on developing the connection between school and home to maximise student learning outcomes.

We work as a team and provide strong support for all stakeholders including students, staff, parents and the greater community on order to achieve positive outcomes for our St Clair High School Community.

Learning throughout the school is our central purpose whilst focusing on the importance of wellbeing and sense of community for all stakeholders.

Serving the local community, our staff are enthusiastic, committed advocates of the values of Public Education setting us a part as a school of high expectations, energetic achievement and excellent results. We thrive on facing the challenges of the digital landscape set out before us and consider ourselves, along with our students, as learners in a digital age.

Students are at the centre of everything we do. We provide a core commitment to our parents that their child is known, valued and cared for. As a school community we focus on helping students to learn and helping those who help students to learn.

Mrs Julie Tegart