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Phase 1 return: Frequently asked questions

Phase 1 return frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to send my child to school?

Enhanced measures are in place to provide a safe working environment and learning environment for all students and staff. This includes enhanced cleaning, and provision of hygiene supplies. Social distancing signage and procedures are in place to encourage physical distancing and minimise queuing.

What does my child need to bring, does my child have to bring their own device?

If they have their own device, or have a loan device from school, please bring this along with the charger. If they are unable to bring their own device, the school will provide a loan device for the day. All students should bring a notebook and pens. Whilst the school has extra cleaning supplies and processes, including sanitiser and wipes per class, students are also encouraged to bring their own hand sanitiser.

Does my child wear school uniform?

Yes. Full school uniform is required. The Uniform Shop is open for business Tuesday 12th May 8.30 – 10.30am.  All orders have arrived and new stock is available. 

How will my child know where to go on their allocated day?

At the start of each day students will meet in the following areas:

Allocated Year Group for the day – Hall

Year 12 – IC Amphitheatre

Students of working parents – covered area outside Hall

Will the canteen be open?

Yes.  The canteen is open for recess and lunch.  Students are encouraged to order their food to prevent groups gathering and to maintain social distancing requirements.

What will lunchtime and recess look like?

Limited playground areas will be available. Students will be required to social distance and will receive reminders from staff on duty. Students will not be permitted to share sporting equipment. As mentioned earlier, the canteen will be open, however food supplies cannot be guaranteed. Students will be required to follow social distancing markings on the ground in the canteen areas. 

Do I have to send my child back to school or do I have the option to continue remote Home Learning?

The government and Department of Education are encouraging students to return according to each school’s Phase 1 Plan. We believe it is in the interests of students’ learning and wellbeing. However, it is not compulsory. Please notify the school clearly stating your child’s name and year group if you intend them not to return.

Can I change my child’s day of attending school?

Generally NO, to enable us to manage a complex and challenging variation of routine. All requests should be forwarded to the Principal.

Can you clarify how students learning will proceed?

In Phase 1 all classes are still set up on online learning platforms. Whether at school or at home, students in Years 7 to 11 will be engaging in the online work in class time. On their designated day, students can seek clarification and assistance in class time directly from the teacher. For year 12 students there will be more direct and explicit teaching in the lesson, but work will still be available online for students unable to attend.

I have been sending my child to school full time as an essential worker. Can I continue to do this?

Yes – this has always been an option. However if this pushes a 7 - 11 class over 10 students then they will be supervised in a different location.

What about camps, excursions, assemblies, sporting competitions etc.?

At this stage everything additional to classroom teaching and learning is on hold. 

If you have any questions you can contact the school on 96706700, 8.00am – 3.30pm, or email the school

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