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St Clair High School Values – P.R.I.D.E

SCHS learning Community has established a holistic values platform focused on learning, reflecting a shared belief that as a school community it is our moral purpose to commit to learning for every student, making a difference for ALL students leaning and outcomes.

The rationale for this focus was to identify an agreed set of values that teachers could use to authentically address learning as our core purpose, and is the responsibility of the whole diverse community.

All members of the SCHS community: Staff, Students, leaders, Parents/Carers and local community identified key values to facilitate learning values unique to the SCHS learning community.

Working side by side with students, staff, parents and community, has ensured all members of our school community have access to their learning in an environment where Participation, Respect, Innovation, Drive and Excellence are the focus. All members of the SCHS learning community are committed to our school values of Participation, Respect, Innovation, Drive and Excellence, what each of these values mean in the classroom, the playground and in the wider community.

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