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Literacy and numeracy

In 2017 St Clair High School's NAPLAN results showed an increase of 9% for students in the middle bands 7 and 8.

Each year student NAPLAN data is analysed, and targeted literacy and numeracy groups are formed according to your child's results. These groups are organised so that students have an opportunity to improve their literacy and/or numeracy skills and specific programs are catered and delivered to individual students.


This year the whole school will be implementing reading and research, examine, plan, organise, write, edit and refine (REPOWER) – a reading and writing platform that will enable all students to access the curriculum at every level. Within this is a writing scaffold which consists of topic sentence thesis, explanation elaboration, evidence examples, evaluation effect and link back to question (TEEEL). That helps improve student paragraph writing.

The poster shown above is displayed in every classroom and all teachers will be using it in order to improve your child's reading and writing skills. Every student at St Clair High School has been given a laminated copy of this as a bookmark to be used at school and home, to assist them.


A whole school approach has been implemented to assist continued improvement in student numeracy results. "Nail every answer" (NEA)  and "read 123" was developed for St Clair High School students to assist in problem solving numeracy type questions. All students should have a bookmark with the strategy along with other useful tips for problem solving. The posters displayed below are also shown in all classrooms.

Please talk about the importance of having good literacy and numeracy skills for everyday life with your child, and encourage them to use these tools as part of their regular study. If you have any questions please call the school.

Literacy and numeracy team members

Mrs Sylvana Beslic (literacy and numeracy coordinator/ head teacher of mathematics)

Nicole Holt (head teacher of teaching and learning )

Megan McCarthy (relieving head teacher of english)

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