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Uniform Policy

St Clair High School's Uniform 

The St Clair High School uniform policy reflects the expectation of the parents/carers and community in which we serve.  The expectation of our school community is that all students attending St Clair High School wear full school uniform each day, to and from school and on excursions unless special clothing is necessary.  All students are required to wear the correct school uniform and take pride in their personal appearance.

For health and hygiene factors, students are required to bring their sports uniform for all practical PDHPE lessons including PE, Sport, PASS, SLR and when instructed to by their classroom teacher.  Students will be required to change into the Sports uniform at the beginning of the lesson and then change back into the regular school uniform after their lesson.

Out of uniform procedures

Students who are unable to wear the correct school uniform on any given day must bring a note from home to obtain a uniform pass (a green slip) from either the Head Teacher Wellbeing, Year Adviser, Assistant Year Adviser, Mentor or their Deputy Principal before the start of school.

Any student who arrives to school out of uniform and does not have a uniform pass (green slip) will have their name recorded by their Homeroom teacher on our school recording system, SENTRAL, as a uniform breach.

Special considerations

Any student who is genuinely unable to comply with the school uniform requirements due to financial reasons should contact the school Principal, Deputy Principals or Head Teacher Wellbeing at their earliest convenience. Arrangements will be made to assist the student to comply with the school’s dress code.

The school uniform also includes black leather school shoes so that the students’ feet are fully protected when working in specialist rooms such as Science Laboratories, Visual Arts Studios, TAS Kitchens, TAS textile rooms and TAS Workshops.

Uniform Shop Hours

The Uniform Shop hours are Monday 8.00 to 11.00 am and Wednesday 1.00 to 4.00 pm.   Please contact Denise during shop hours on 0422 888 364 to arrange an appointment.