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Uniform Policy

St Clair High School's Uniform 

Uniform policy review date: 2023

The purpose of the School Uniform Policy is to provide additional opportunities for increased school safety; encourage our students to experience a greater sense of school identity and belonging; encourage an improvement in student behaviour; reduce school clothing costs; encourage a high level of program participation and improve and expand academic excellence.  

The Department of Education and Training mandates schools in NSW review and document school uniform or dress code requirements in consultation with their communities and develop strategies for the wearing of school uniforms. This policy is available to all parents and caregivers and can be found online:


The expectation of our school community is that all students attending St Clair High School wear full school uniform each day, to and from school and on excursions unless special clothing is necessary. The St Clair High School uniform policy reflects the expectation of the parents and community in which we serve. Students demonstrate their commitment to our school values, by wearing their uniform with P.R.I.D.E.

As outlined in School Uniforms in New South Wales Government Students policy support document, St Clair High School recognises that the wearing of school uniforms by students will assist school communities in:


·         increasing the personal safety of students and staff by allowing easier recognition of visitors and potential intruders in the school

·         defining an identity for the school within its community

·         developing students’ sense of belonging to the school community

·         providing an opportunity to build school spirit

·         enhancing the health and safety of students when involved in school activities

·         promoting a sense of inclusiveness, non- discrimination and equal opportunity

·         reinforcing the perception of the school as an ordered and safe environment

·         promoting positive community perceptions of public education

·         making school clothing more affordable for families by eliminating the risk of peer pressure to wear transiently fashionable and expensive clothes.


For health and hygiene factors, students are required to bring their sports uniform for all practical PDHPE lessons including: PE, Sport, PASS, SLR and when instructed to by their classroom teacher. Students will be required to change into the Sports uniform at the beginning of the lesson and then change back into the regular school uniform after their lesson.

*Please see PDHPE policy for students out of PE uniform.

Out of uniform procedures

As representatives of our school community, SCHS students are expected to always wear the school uniform with pride. Refer Special Considerations section of this Policy


Students who are unable to wear the correct school uniform on any given day must bring a note from home to obtain a uniform pass (green slip) from their homeroom teacher.


Any student who arrives to school out of uniform and does not have a uniform pass (green slip) will have their name recorded by their homeroom teacher on the school recording system, SENTRAL as a uniform breach and be directed to the front office to be issued a replacement clothing item from the Uniform Resource Store.


Wearing school uniform easily identifies students as being enrolled at St Clair High School and enhances the safety of students at school. Any student, who arrives at school and is not identified with any part of our school uniform i.e. is completely out of school uniform, will be sent directly to the Deputy Principal. Students will be offered a loan uniform and/or asked to go home and change. 

Special considerations

Any student who is genuinely unable to comply with the school uniform requirements due to financial reasons is expected to contact the school Principal, Deputy Principals or Head Teacher Welfare at their earliest convenience. Arrangements will be made at the school to assist the student to comply with the school’s dress code.


The school uniform includes black enclosed leather school shoes so that the students’ feet will be fully protected at all times on school premises and when working in specialist rooms such as Science Laboratories, Visual Arts Studios, TAS Kitchens, TAS textile rooms and TAS Workshops.

Uniform Assistance


As a school community, St Clair High School have adopted a Uniform Policy in line with the Department of Education. Supporting the wearing of school uniform promotes a sense of belonging for students and creates a positive identity for the school community. School uniforms also contribute to the personal safety of students by allowing easier recognition of students inside the school and in the community.


Sometimes there may be special circumstances and students may not have the correct uniform. In this situation the student should come to school in as close to full uniform requirements, looking neat and tidy with a note written by their parent/carer.

a)    Present this note from home to their Homeroom Teacher who will issue a green uniform pass to excuse the dress on the day.

b)    If a student is unable to provide a note with a reasonable explanation, they will be directed to the front office where they will be given a replacement item, for the incorrect piece of clothing, from the uniform resource store.

Important: All clothing items issued for loan are dry-cleaned upon return.

c)    The student will leave the incorrect clothing item in the front office, labelled and stored securely, to be picked up at the end of the school day when they return the loan clothing item.

Important:  Tights/leggings/tracksuit pants are not permitted

Continued non-compliance will result in follow up with Year Advisor and/or Deputy Principal to resolve the situation and, if necessary, follow necessary school disciple procedures.

Students are expected to show PRIDE in St Clair High School by the way they dress and present themselves not only during the school day, but also as representatives of SCHS in our larger community.

Uniform Shop Hours

SCHOOL UNIFORM SHOP – Daylight School Wear 0422 888 364

Opening hours are:

Monday 8am – 11.00 am

Wednesday 1.00pm – 4.00pm

The uniform can be purchased in-store and anytime online (online orders to be collected from uniform shop).


*amended change 2022 due to implementation of Junior (Yrs 7 – 9)/Senior School  (Yrs 10 – 12)

Important:  As the uniform is in a transition phase until end of 2022, students in Year 8, 9 and 10 are permitted to wear the previous uniform if already purchased. All students are required to wear the correct SCHS uniform by the commencement of the 2023 school year.