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Senior Subject Selection - Years 11-12 2022–2023

Subject selection Heading

Dear Parent/Caregivers,


Students have been working on the Subject Selection process with their Mentor Teachers during U Matter lessons. They have had a career lesson with Miss Bennet our Careers Advisor on the Subject Selection process, the HSC and ATAR requirements, and the range of subjects on offer at St Clair High School.


Using all of the above information, students have created a wish list of their potential subject choices for 2022- 2023. A copy of this wish list is attached for you to look at and discuss with your children over the weekend.


A Subject Selection Website has been created to assist Parents, Carers and Students understand the processes involved, the requirements and the subjects on offer. This website can be found via the following link


  • Students must select at least 12 units for Year 11. Most courses are 2 units, so students are required to select approximately 6 subjects – they must satisfactorily complete all 12 to be eligible for the HSC.
  • Students must study a minimum of 6 units of Board Developed courses (including English) to be eligible for the HSC. Board developed courses are those courses developed by NESA and distributed to schools. They are examined externally (i.e. the HSC exam).
  • Students wanting to go to University will be pursuing an ATAR (Australian Tertiary Administration Rank) pathway (see below).
  • Students who are interested in a more vocational pathway i.e. non-ATAR HSC should be encouraged to look at Board Endorsed courses also, these are courses designed to cater for special interests not covered in the Board Developed courses. They are NOT examined externally and may NOT be used in the calculation of an ATAR, examples include SLR, Exploring Early Childhood, Sports Coaching (new VET course) and most TAFE Courses.
  • Non-ATAR students are encouraged to select a combination of Board Developed Courses and Board Endorsed Courses. Non-ATAR HSC students require a minimum of 3 Board Developed courses to meet the requirements of a non-ATAR HSC qualification.
  • Students must select a combination of courses that best match their capabilities.


ATAR – Australian Tertiary Admission Rank


  • Students need a minimum of 10 units Board Developed courses to meet the requirements of the ATAR calculation for the HSC, English is mandatory (i.e. Year 12).
  • Advise them to complete 12 units Board Developed (their best 10 units are used in the calculation of the ATAR).
  • If studying an extension course in Mathematics or English, advise to complete 13 units.

The official Subject Selection process will commence next Wednesday 4th August during U Matter Lessons where students will begin to enter in their 9 subject choices online. You and your Parent/Carer are required to digitally sign the form and submit it once completed. We ask that you take some time this week to discuss with your children the subject choices they have made and complete and sign the Subject Selection form distributed via the year 10 google classroom.


Once the selection has been approved you will be given an access code to upload your choices into Edval (Timetable Program). You must input what was indicated on the returned document which was signed by your parent/carer. 


Students need to ensure that they:

  • Meet the HSC and ATAR requirements detailed on the website and the back of the Subject Selection form.
  • Indicate the level of English they wish to study as their 1st preference
  • Number subjects in ORDER OF PREFERENCE (2 to 9)
  • The first 6 subjects are the subjects that students want to study. The 7th, 8th and 9th subjects are ones that they could consider studying if they are unable to get their first 6 subjects.


Students will need to complete these subject selection forms by Friday 6th August.


If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Head Teachers, the Careers Adviser, Miss Nicola Bennet or myself. 


Yours Sincerely,

Sylvana Beslic                 Mrs Julie Tegart                               

Deputy Principal                 Principal 



Subject selection parent note (pdf)

Subject selection booklet 2022-2023 (pdf)