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Health Alert - Whooping Cough

Health Alert

There has recently been a case of Whooping Cough within our school. If your child has any of the symptoms of whooping cough, such as a dry or persistent cough, which may be especially bad at night, please see your doctor. If the cough has been present less than 4 weeks a swab test can be performed. If longer than 4 weeks a blood test can be performed. If your child has whooping cough, your doctor will arrange a course of antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics given early in the illness are effective in stopping the cough and in preventing spread to other people. If your doctor diagnoses whooping cough please advise the school and keep your child at home until they have taken at least 5 days of antibiotics. Whooping cough is very dangerous for small infants – please ensure that you and your family do not visit babies if you have a cough.